Jane Jolley: Founder of jjandpartners.com

Our classes reflect the experience and wisdom of Jane Jolley and her partners. Each has experience working with people whose finances are in shambles and need the relief a bankruptcy can offer. Bankruptcy is about second chances. It is a legal means of helping individuals and families retain their household possessions and an automobile and receive relief from crushing debt and creditor harassment.

Jane’s experience as a bankruptcy attorney and later as a 341 hearing officer, provided insight into the myriad reasons people file bankruptcy. It’s usually not because they didn’t manage their money; it is because they found themselves without enough money to manage. Stories of people who shared their experiences provide a real view.

We do not assume that people who come to our classes have made stupid mistakes with their money. We know it is much more complicated than that. Our goal is to help people understand what happened, put it in perspective, and move on to rebuild their lives with the best tools and advice we can offer.

This class may be required by law, but we offer an affordable experience with insight, wisdom and practical applications that anyone, in bankruptcy or not, can use to improve the way they handle money.

One of the greatest gifts we can ever receive...
is the opportunity for a second chance.

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Wish I would have known this information earlier in life.

S.G., New City, NY